About Telomere


What qualities do you expect from your advisor ?

Telomere Capital combines availability, ethical conduct and success to serve you day in and day out. They represent the core of our business strategy, governing all our decisions.


Because of our personalised advisory strategy, Telomere Capital offers you more flexibility and attention to detail than a large financial institution.
All of our employees are invested in the company’s success, and each of them, including our founding managers, are constantly available and infallibly aligned with your interests.



Telomere Capital builds on the values of transparency, impartiality and integrity to create the trust needed in any business relationship.
By working with us, you will also have a transparent understading of our fees, the content of your investments and the risks involved.



The art of investing is not just about buying the latest financial products.
Above all, it is necessary to understand the parameters that make these into relevant and high-performing investments. Our independence provides additional assurance of results, as we can work freely with high-quality partners recognised for their advice, financial ethic and commitment.