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Who are our clients?

Our clients are private individuals who find that TELOMERE Capital perfectly matches their needs, thanks to its size, characteristics and managers.

What does TELOMERE offer them?
A trusted partner for managing their assets
Personalised support to guide them in their choice of financial investments

A proactive manager who is completely independent and offers innovative solutions


Telomere Capital team

Managing your assets

Wealth management for private clients is at the heart of our business.
Do you want to build an investment portfolio that reflects your image?
You do not know how to allocate your investments and in what types of projects to invest?
Do you expect a transparent and sustainable approach from your wealth manager?

Constantly seeking performance, TELOMERE advocates active management of your investments. This commitment leads us to offer you ever more innovative investment Solutions. Based on a sustained analysis of markets and trends, TELOMERE selects for you the assets likely to perform above average expectations, while ensuring the continuous monitoring of risks.

Each client is unique.
For each mandate, TELOMERE is committed to being fully aware of the expected results and the risks related to it. We develop your investment strategy based on extensive research and practical analysis, then compare our recommendations in the framework of an investment committee.

Acting and investing in financial investments related to the environment, with social or humanitarian causes, is one of your wishes. This concern is close to TELOMERE’s values. We select investments that meet ethical criteria in order to enable you to link financial profitability with sustainable development.

Your financial planning

Having a long-term vision of your wealth will allow you to effectively organise and structure your daily life.
Marriage, separation, birth, retirement or inheritance… TELOMERE is there to advise and accompany you through all the important stages of your life.

Do not wait until you reach retirement age to plan for it and enjoy it to the full. TELOMERE advises you on anticipation and planning, particularly related to your AVS, your pension fund or your mortgages.

Protecting and transmitting your estate to your family are elements that require reflection and preparation in terms of retirement planning. In order to protect and anticipate your inheritance rights, TELOMERE supports you in the key stages of the implementation of your inheritance.

Telomere Capital team


Telomere Capital team


Administration of your Family office

Protecting and optimising your family assets are among the main concerns of your tax and family interests, but require a significant personal investment.
To help you focus on the essentials of your projects, TELOMERE offers to take care of certain administrative tasks, such as:
Operational and administrative management
Supervision of banking relations
Cash-flow management
Legal and tax optimisation
Management of your real estate portfolio
Philanthropy advisory services.

Telomere Capital team


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