Entrepreneurs & Executives

Are you an entrepreneur or executive looking for a financial partner able to fully comprehend your problems ?

If so, then Telomere Capital funded in the entrepreneurial spirit is perfect for you. Having dealt with similar financial issues in creating our business, we are opportunely placed to service your needs.


Finding simple solutions to complex problems. Heading a company or retaining an executive position of high responsibility is time and energy consuming.
As entrepreneurs and executives tend to exhibit complex asset bases which are transnational in nature. Telomere Capital offers a whole range of services exclusively dedicated to such a client profile, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business. Years of experience in combining the personal, professional and commercial aspects of an asset base, has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of your potential needs and constraints.

Our services combine financial expertise and international experience to offer you tailored planning and management solutions, drawing on the skills of external experts when needed.



  • Comprehensive wealth planning and structuring
  • Individual retirement planning
  • Monitoring and consolidated reporting
  • Tax optimisation solutions
  • Estate planning advice