Family Office

Family Office

Are you in charge of a large family asset base?

If so, the combination of skills at Telomere Capital can be invaluable in managing certain aspects of its administration, from both an operational and human perspective.


Preserving family harmony and safeguarding your assets are the two main tasks pursued by a single-family or multi-family office.
If you entrust us with their management, we will undertake, on behalf of you and your family and on a coordinated basis, many tasks ranging from wealth management to succession arrangements, monitoring of bank accounts, cash management, optimisation of legal and tax matters, property management and philanthropy consulting. By providing families with a network of resources, bringing together the expertise of multiple experts in a variety of fields, you can benefit from a stable organisation dedicated exclusively to the needs of your family and your plans.



Do you believe it is fundamentally important to encourage younger generations to participate in perpetuating the family’s wealth?
The human dimension of this objective should not be underestimated, since it requires a clear organisation and strategy to be put in place. Telomere Capital can help you erect these two pillars, strengthening the foundations of what you are building.

Uniting and unifying to protect the interests of your family
Raising awareness among the younger generation of family affairs, uniting the forces of the family around common objectives, bringing together its various members around the vision of a founder – so many elements must be taken into consideration if we want to ensure that an asset base built over several generations endures while ensuring strong cohesion within the family. Family governance plays a fundamental role within this. It is the cornerstone on which an effective family office is built. Telomere Capital will support you in this mission by defining with you a global organisational structure and strategy, whose ultimate goal will be to ensure the long-term transmission of this wealth to future generations.



  • Support for family governance
  • Financial planning for family assets
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Support for operational management
  • Advice on philanthropy