Financial Planning

Financial Planning

At every step in our lives, different needs must be met and new choices made.

Whether you need help planning for retirement or maintaining your lifestyle – important decisions need to be taken that will have lasting consequences.


If you seek to organise and structure your wealth for future growth.
Telomere’s specialist advisory services offers you just that. Our services provide you with the right tools to start the next stage of your life in the right financial conditions.

‘Wealth’ extends far beyond the confines of simple wealth management. In addition to any transferable securities you may own, your wealth may comprise of real estate, inheritance, businesses or pension assets.

In order to better organise these elements, we structure their interactions in a tax-efficient manner and ensure their stability as you embark on life-changing milestones, be that in the near or distant future: marriage, divorce, or retirement. For entrepreneurs, we can also advise you on important strategic decisions – such as the sale of your company, it’s transmission or development – so that your decisions do not impact your private wealth, but instead help it to grow in the future.



At Telomere, we understand the way your asset base is structured impacts it’s taxation.
Therefore, we take special care to organise it to provide better protection.

  • Personalized tax management: recently the financial world has undergone huge tax and regulatory changes making it harder to grapple the transnational implications of taxation. Our financial advisory services provides expert recommendations on how to coherently organize your assets in a tax-efficient manner.
  • Lessening your tax burden: By developing a tax and financial plan adapted to your situation, we help to alleviate your tax situation in both the short and long term.



  • Comprehensive wealth planning and structuring
  • Individual retirement planning
  • Monitoring and consolidated reporting
  • Tax optimisation solutions
  • Estate planning advice
  • Services for entrepreneurs and executives
  • Services for doctors (Medifinance) and the liberal professions