Financial Planning

Monitoring & Reporting

In order to keep track of your assets anywhere at any time.

Telomere offers efficient and secure online access allowing you to monitor your wealth in real time.


Know your situation to make informed decisions.
In an age of hypermobility, monitoring the performance of your assets in any situation has become a necessity. In recognizing the importance of such an amenity, constant access is an integral part of the services we offer – our clients are able to regularly monitor their financial, tax and administrative position via a secure platform.

In addition, we provide consolidated reports which present you with an overview of your assets, both moveable and real estate. For senior executives, we offer an option to optimize share option plans in order to better protect capital acquired but not yet available.


Telomere Capital offers you the opportunity to access details of your financial situation at any time.
Through your reporting or in a consultation with your advisor – helping you to make quick, fact-based decisions.

Consult your data anytime and anywhere

The ability to broadly assess each element of your asset base at a glance enables you to identify available liquidity and detect imbalances or risks an action could create. Our services consolidate your family asset data into a comprehensive, detailed report to provide you with all the tools needed to execute the correct investment impulses at the right time.

Through your financial advisor you also benefit from a single point of contact for all your financial queries. They act as a supplementary source of support for you to consolidate your decisions.