Financial Planning

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Telomere Capital offers you first-class expertise.

on how to structure your financial assets for both the present and the future - freeing up time to spend on less mundane matters.


It is essential your assets are properly structured before you undertake any form of investment management.
A detailed plan taking into account your personal and professional situation is needed if you seek to protect your assets and those close to you.

This proposal will be segmented by period into working life, retirement and succession, in order to clarify your present and future financial situation. It will enable you to at any time have a transparent overview of your income, expenses, retirement solutions and the evolution of your asset base.



By offering first-class expertise in individual retirement savings.
Telomere Capital will advise you on the best solutions to implement so you can enjoy this period of your life without having to change your lifestyle.

In helping you to navigate the intrivacies of retirement savings, including matters related to your state pension and mortgage, you can enjoy retirement to the fullest. Instead of waiting until a certain age to start exploring various possibilities, our experts can guide you right now on how to best safeguard your sustainable income and wealth.



The decision of who to bequeath your assets to is a sensitive issue.
Telomere offers expert advice in order to identify solutions best suited to your interests. Whatever your intentions – to leave a legacy or protect your loved ones – we advise our clients to think about succession early on to prevent your estate from breaking up in the meantime.

Guiding you through the more technical components of estate management, Telomere and our network of experts will help you to establish a succession plan tailored to protect your family and wealth.