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Press release

New success

Extract from the interview published in the WealthBriefing Awards Programme magazine about Telomere’s multiple successes, which enhance our reputation in the industry and our credibility.

CityWire – TOP 50

Telomere Capital is very proud and happy to be part of the CityWire TOP 50 independent wealth managers in Switzerland. Congratulations to all our teams !

Wealth Briefing Awards 2023

On the occasion of the third edition of the WealthBriefing Swiss Awards dedicated to External Asset Managers, Telomere Capital once again distinguished in fourth categories: Best EAM Assets between CHF 500 million – 1 Billion AUM, Best Family Office, Best Swiss Domestic Team, and Best Client Reporting (in-house).

Wealth Briefing Awards 2022

Competing for the second time at the Wealth Briefing Swiss Awards, in the External Asset Manager category, Telomere Capital was recognised in fourth categories: Best Service Client, Best Innovative Use of Technology (in-house), Best Client Reporting et Best EAM Assets between CHF 500 million – 1 Billion AUM.

Teamwork by Telomere

Telomere Capital SA is a wealth management and financial advisory firm based in Geneva. We have developed a network of skills and knowledge specific to Switzerland. We offer all the necessary expertise to meet the requirements of an individual, foundation or family.

Wealth Briefing Awards 2021

Competing for the first time at the Wealth Briefing Swiss Awards, in the External Asset Manager category, Telomere Capital was recognised in three categories: Best Service Client Team, Best CEO and Best Innovative Use of Technology (in-house).

Successful work for Telomere

Telomere Capital SA is a wealth management and financial consultancy firm based in Geneva. We offer wealth management and family office services to Swiss and international clients. All our investment solutions provide a durable approach.

About Telomere Capital

The Geneva financial center has a number of companies active in the wealth management sector, all of which seem different in terms of their state of mind, their way of thinking and the way they practice their profession. Telomere positions itself in a clear and transparent manner.

Our monthly publications

Ladies: Start investing!

More and more women are showing an interest in financial investment, but they are still in the minority compared to men. Yet, investing money can be an effective way to build wealth, prepare for retirement or achieve personal goals.

Why do they all workout ?

Passion, hobby, health, the reasons for “practicing a sport” or simply “ working out” are numerous and undoubtedly specific to each individual. The consequences of this activity on each individual are more universal.

Wealth management

John is an architect. At 48 years old, he is his own boss and manages a team of several employees. He usually arrives at the office at 7am to prepare his day and ensure proper task allocation.

Investment Process

At Telomere Capital, we use a disciplined investment process to protect and grow our clients’ capital. By defining risk profiles, we optimize risk-taking to generate the best possible return.

Investing in the stock market

When we invest our money in a fund, stock, or company that shows promising growth prospects over time, we expect our initial investment to generate a return. But what do we do with that return once it reaches maturity?

Resilience of Switzerland

Crises follow one after the other, yet Switzerland demonstrates extraordinary resilience. The subprime crisis in 2008, the floor rate in 2015, the pandemic in 2020, how does the country manage – despite the ill-winds – to remain in pole position in the race for GDP per capita ?

Listening to your client

Communication is everywhere. In our personal and professional lives. We are not teaching you anything new there. But on closer inspection, this term covers a much broader reality than we imagine.

Our mission and values

Each stage in life brings its own specific needs in terms of advice and consultancy, each in turn leading to significant choices, whether in terms of preparing for your retirement or maintaining your current lifestyle.

Swiss wealth management

With the tense global economic situation, increasingly complex regulations, changing client expectations and wider competition, the Swiss financial sector is facing many challenges.

Behavioural finance

To meet his needs, today’s investor has global and unlimited access to multiple sources of information. The press, specialist sites, social networks, interpersonal relations, etc.

Deglobalised economy ?

Within the space of five years, the world economy has gradually been put out of balance by new dynamics. Should we interpret these signs as being the start of deglobalisation?

Women and investing

Even if we are seeing considerable progress in the area of gender equality, some sectors are still struggling to adapt, with finance and investment being among them. This is especially the case when you are a female investor.

Well-being at work

Well-being at work has become a cardinal virtue in company life these days. Telomere very quickly learnt the extent to which this was the case as professional fulfilment fosters a positive dynamic which leads to results such as the proper internal working of a company.

The usefulness of benchmarks

A safeguard? Performance marker? Investment universe? Marketing argument? What is the real purpose of a benchmark? And what does this notion cover that we find in day-to-day portfolio management as well as at the heart of stock exchanges and markets?


Long thought to be unlimited, sand resources are disappearing as global demand grows. What can be done to move from impulsive extraction to more sustainable exploitation?

Generational transition

For many months now, inflation has been the primary concern of central bankers and investors. The ever-increasing pressure that it is exerting on capital has led to fears of the capital being eroded.

Lightning Network

A system (…) which would allow direct online payments from one party to another without going through a financial institution ” : these are the first words published by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, on 31 October 2008, in the white paper announcing the creation of Bitcoin.

Situation in Ukraine

It has now been two months since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. The toll is heavy and the conflict has already seen various phases of escalation and relaxation. Strong Ukrainian resistance hinders the advance of Vladimir Putin’s troops difficult.

Invest in the Metaverse

Except for a minority who have seen Steven Spielberg’s film Ready Player One, and peoples who closely follow the development of the cryptocurrency or video game environment, the metaverse was an unknown or misunderstood concept until recently.

Sustainable investment

In October last, Anna Sacks, American activist and influencer, published a video on the social network TikTok to denounce the doublespeak by Coach, the international luxury leather goods company.

COP 26

“The world is at one minute to midnight and we need to act now”, was the turn of phrase chosen by Boris Johnson in his opening speech before the Twenty-Sixth Conference of the Parties held in Glasgow.

Jackson Hole

Since the 1980s, one of the conferences bringing together the largest number of central bankers and economists from around the world has been held at the end of each summer in a small mountainous town in Wyoming.

Geopolitics on the back burner

The effects of COVID-19 are manifold and for some people are a subject for ongoing debate. However, there is one effect that is not discussed but has an influence upon our view of the world.

Monetary sovereignty

The increasingly democratic use of the Internet by the general public in the 1990s and the growing power of e-commerce revolutionised the traditional models for exchanging money …

Crucial Earnings

The earnings season just kicked-off in United States and companies have to show numbers that meets the high expectation to drive the markets higher.

Our quarterly views

Outlook 2023 – Q2

The first quarter of 2023 has provided fuel for a number of market scenarios at the same time. January opened with a growing certainty of the possibility of a «soft landing».

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Outlook 2023 – Q1

In 2022, the eyes of investors have been very often drawn to central bank rates. These were simply a response to an urgent situation: to stem the rise in inflation, which was threatening to become endemic.

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