Wealth Management

Investment Style

Do you seek something more than standardized management?

At Telomere Capital, we concentrate exclusively on what matters to you. Our advice and solutions are constructed in relation to your needs.


At Telomere Capital we take pride in focusing exclusively on what matters to you.
Our advice and solutions are constructed according to your needs alone. In order to create a detailed and thorough portfolio, we always begin with an objective analysis of your present and future needs, risk tolerance and timeline prior to the creation of an investment strategy.

We also include the parameters necessary to client-specific objectives into our investment proposals. To ensure continued investment returns we rigorously monitor every element key to a portfolio’s success. As such, we are able to adapt our strategy to your needs as markets evolve and circumstances change.



At Telomere, we make investment allocation decisions based on the current and future macroeconomic outlook and the drivers of growth in the various sectors.
We then take positions in companies which we believe will succeed and carefully monitor performance and risk in order to maximise clients’ objectives.

Whether you wish to delegate management of your assets or retain control of your investments is not an easy decision

In this hyper-connected world, every decision made must be made based on fact. Such a permanent state of flux can also harbor numerous opportunities making active management worthwhile.

Whatever your decision, we offer you tailored support and recommendations to guide your investment management.