Wealth Management

Portfolio Management

We start by understanding who you are, evaluating your immediate needs and analyzing your longer-term aspirations.

This information allows us to create a personalized, transparent and comprehensive investment portfolio.


Are you looking for drivers of performance ?
As active managers, Telomere Capital seeks out the best investment oppor­tunities for you across different sectors and regions, while continuously monitoring risk.

Mastering investment strategy

Our investment managers allocate assets flexibly, enabling our clients to react quickly to changing markets.
As dynamic financial advisors we are constantly managing risk, as it plays a crucial role in all of our investment decisions. Our approach seeks to maximise the protection of your capital whilst generating returns.



We pride ourselves in making investment decisions based on facts.
In developing strategies, we rigorously combine first-class analysis with research by top global experts.

  • Fundamental analysis: as 80% of a portfolio’s returns are based on its asset allocation, we model macroeconomic scenarios to develop investment strategies.
  • Research-based: Telomere draws on the expertise of over 400 financial analysts to consolidate our decisions and independently identify the best investment opportunities.
  • Investment meetings: in order to validate our strategic and tactical positions before implementing them in portfolios, we open up our ideas to be discussed on a weekly basis at our investment committee



If you prefer sustainable growth as an investment option, our management offers such a solution tailored to your concerns.
As an function which can be integrated into our overall approach to your portfolio, Telomere offers mandates exclusively invested in companies who pride themselves in their environmental, social or corporate responsibility.

Industries who do not meet our strict sustainability criteria are excluded from our portfolio as they present governance risks. Our socially responsible investment services offers to increase protection for your assets while generating opportunities for regular returns.