Telomere Capital SA is a company based in Switzerland. Since our creation, we have built a strong network of expertise and knowledge specific to Switzerland. Our clientele, 80 per cent of which is made up of Swiss clients, is the best demonstration of this. Telomere Capital provides private clients, such as individuals, families, executives and entrepreneurs, with wealth management, investment advisory, personalized financial planning and family office services.

Please explain what you think makes your firm successful in its chosen field?

We believe that it is our desire to excel and to bring dynamism, energy and to act proactively towards the client relationship. A character where the idea of performance is expressed on a daily basis in the markets to identify investment opportunities and to preserve and increase our clients’ capital. But above all, an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit, total availability, the maintenance of absolute independence and the willingness to establish long-lasting relationships of trust with our clients. In a few years, this philosophy has borne fruit as the number of clients and the assets under management have recorded continuous growth.

Our team is an integral part of our success, people often say that to measure the success of a business or a team, you need to look not just at the bottom line but at the satisfaction of its clients. At Telomere, we believe that team spirit is a key component of success.

How do awards such as this make a difference to your firm and your colleagues?

As a small but growing team of external asset managers, receiving an award for being among the best in our field is an honor we value greatly. Such recognition not only serves as a testament to the quality of service we provide to our clients but also validates the hard work and dedication of our entire team.

Awards such as these make a significant difference to our firm and our colleagues by boosting our reputation in the industry, enhancing our credibility, and increasing our visibility to potential clients. They also motivate us to continue striving for excellence in our work, as we are encouraged by the positive feedback and recognition from our peers.

What does success look like you – can this be measured in hard numbers, or in qualitative ways, or both?

We believe that our success is contingent upon the satisfaction of our customers and employees alike. The growth of our business speaks for itself, since Telomere Capital was created in May 2015, we have successfully onboarded over 160 clients and accumulated more than CHF 1 billion in assets under management.

We now have more than ten employees and nine custodian banks. This exponential growth is the product of our rigorous and quality work that has enabled us not only to attract new clients, but also to expand our existing relationships and attract additional capital and, most importantly, engage a high quality team.

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