Is Switzerland still as attractive when it comes to investment ?

Is Switzerland still as attractive when it comes to investment?

Crises follow one after the other, yet Switzerland demonstrates extraordinary resilience. The subprime crisis in 2008, the floor rate in 2015, the pandemic in 2020, how does the country manage – despite the ill-winds – to remain in pole position in the race for GDP per capita? And where does it find the resources needed to start up again when there’s a glitch in the machine? Let’s go over the keys to Swiss success.

The plusses of functional taxation

Some will say: “Taxation, that’s the State”. In any event, it forms the basis thereof. Indeed, without tax, how would the public structures be able to meet the population’s most basic needs? In Switzerland, the question is not asked because taxation is entirely functional in the country. In actual fact, the system is structured in such a way as to ensure the establishment of an environment which is particularly efficient for citizens and businesses. The latter also benefit from a flexible regulatory framework and an attractive regime.

Education at the basis of development

The level of public education is also a fundamental element since Switzerland can offer solid training to its youth. What is more, the country is home to famous universities. Five of them are listed in the top 100 in 2021 according to the independent firm Shanghai Ranking Consultancy. At the same time, Switzerland offers a unique learning system which allows teens who are unable to access studies to learn a trade through doing and to be accompanied by recognised professionals with the aim of obtaining a high quality certification.

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