Wealth Management

Wealth Management

WEALTH MANAGEMENT Looking to protect and grow your assets ?

Telomere Capital’s expertise helps you to achieve your goals through a comprehensive understanding of your situation.


Experience and expertise, essential features in wealth management, can only be effectively employed when based on a profound understanding of your assets and financial goals.
By focusing on what matters to you, at Telomere we align our solutions with your interests in the short medium and long term.

We operate as an independent partner, meaning that when you work with Telomere Capital, you enjoy a tailored service and complete freedom in your investment choices.



By offering autonomous financial advisory services, we prioritise our clients’ interests.
We are not financial intermediaries, nor do we sell products – therefore we inform our clients without any conflicts of interest. Our simple and transparent business model enables us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. The skills and quality of the services we provide are the foundations upon which our success was built and remains at the core of our business.

Building an investment portfolio requires a level of personalized understanding and a strategy corresponding to its parameters. Telomere Capital’s customized investment solutions caters to all of your needs.



  • Personalised advisory approach
  • Stable, enduring relationship
  • Active management
  • A robust investment process
  • Tailored management solutions
  • Socially responsible investment
  • Clear and transparent pricing